Who is Binod? Why is Binod trending in social media?

You may have also heard of Binod. But do you know who is Binod? Why Binod is becoming so popular and trending on social media. Other trends : Why #StudentsDislikePMModi trending on twitter

Amit Bhadana Number Cut Gya video

Amit Bhadana’s new video “Number Cut Gya” has been put on the channel. Very funny comedy video. Do watch the video There is a tremendous response on this video. The video has received over 450k views in an hour.

Why #StudentsDislikePMModi trending on twitter

On August 31, #StudentsDislikePMModi trending on Twitter. If you don’t know what is the reason behind this, then read this post. StudentsDislikePMModi is trending on Twitter as Neet and Jee exams have not been postponed. So students are angry. What the students wrote on Twitter with #StudentsDislikePMModi. sucheta de wrote :- They said many students […]

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