How to withdraw funds from upstox

Your question is how to withdraw funds from upstox. You can withdraw funds from your Upstox account. But you will use a mobile or laptop to withdraw money. withdraw funds from upstox using laptop Visit upstox and login to your account. You are logged in to the dashboard and click on Funds. Click on withdraw […]

How much is upstox referral amount?

The upstox referral amount is currently Rs 400. If you refer someone in the upstox, then you will get 400 rupees for every successful referral right now. By the way, this referral amount which is changing varies, sometimes 500 rupees and 400 rupees are received on each referral. You can check once in your upstox […]

Who is the founder of upstox?

Upstocks has two founders Ravi Kumar and Srinivas Vishwanath. Ravi Kumar founded RKSV in 2009 with his friend Srinivas Vishwanath. Linkedin profile of upstox founder Ravi Kumar Srinivas Vishwanath Sources About Upstox

How to raise ticket on upstox?

If you want to know about, something you can raise ticket on upstox and clear your doubts. Read: Best way to contact upstox? Steps to raise ticket on Upstox If you are using your mobile then first open upstox app and click on the menu button at the top left of the screen. Click on […]

Best way to contact Upstox

contact Upstox twitter

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