What is the difference between a teacher and a mentor

What is the difference between a teacher and a mentor is a very good topic to discuss. Perhaps you also do not understand what is the difference between them.

So let’s know what is the difference between a teacher and a teacher.

There is a big difference between a teacher and a mentor that the teacher gives knowledge to all, but the mentor helps you in every way possible.


A teacher teaches you in school, be it science or commerce or any other subject. The teacher gives you basic education in school, which you can also call seed education.


The mentor is the one who trains you to achieve something. Mentor has better knowledge and more experience. The mentor helps the person to develop that skill from his experience. Your friend, and parents, or anyone else can be your mentor.

If you still do not understand, now take an example and try to understand well.

Suppose there is a small child, whose age is 3 or 4 years. Until now, he only knows how to say a few words.

The parents of that child get him enrolled in school. And now he learns about letters and numbers in school.

Gradually, he grows up and keeps taking more knowledge. The knowledge that the child is gaining is being given by the teacher.

Suppose now he has done high schooling. He now wants to pursue a career in a field after college. He also works hard but does not get good results.

He finds a maestro in that area and tries to learn from him. He keeps learning and developing his thinking and skills.

Here the mentor can be talked to the person who helps to do all this.

Hope you understand the difference between a teacher and a mentor.

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