Khatabook app referral code

You will get the Khatabook app referral code or link here. But first of all, do you know what is this app?

Khatabook is an Indian app that helps small shopkeepers and grocery store owners manage their digital bookkeeping.

With the help of khatabook app, more than 10,000,000 shopkeepers are using and managing accounts easily. You can also download khatabook app and manage your accounts.

You can download the Khatabook app by following the steps mentioned below.

Download Khatabook app

Step#1 First of all, you can download by clicking on the photo with the above or by clicking on the download app from here.

Step#2 Now open the app and you will be asked the language here. Select in which language you would like to use the app.

Step#3 Now you first enter the mobile number and click on the get pin button.

Khatabook mobile number

Step#4 You have to fill the otp which has been sent to your mobile number.
By the way, OTP will be detected automatically.

Step#5 Now you have to enter the name of your shop and click on get started.

Khatabook shop name

Step#6 Now click on Add Customer to add your customer.

Now you have learned to download and use the khata book app.

Download app using Phonepe referral code.

If there is any problem then comment.


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