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Travel from Malpura to Kekri

Here we will talk about how to travel from Malpura to Kekri and what can be troublesome.

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What is the distance of Kekri from Malpura?

The distance from Malpura to Kekri is about 47 kilometers.
From Malpura, Kekri can be reached by bus, car, motorcycle, or by any personal vehicle.

How difficult is it to reach Kekri from Malpura?

By the way, this is not difficult but it is important to be careful. Because there are too many turns on the road and breakers.
If you want to travel by bus, then it must be kept in mind that you might not have a place to sit. The bus is crowded on Monday and Saturday.
Yes, if you are traveling by bike, you have to take care of a little ravine.

Which transport mode is the cheapest?

Traveling by bus is the cheapest.
And if you have a student pass then it will be cheaper.

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