Seven ages of man summary

This article describes the Seven Ages of Man summary. The poem seven ages of man is written by poet William Shakespeare.

Poem Seven Ages of Man summary

According to the poet William Shakespeare, the whole world is a stage. The poet compares all men and women to actors and actresses. All actors and actresses enter the stage and leave the stage. The poet says that a person plays many roles during his lifetime. Any person plays seven roles during his lifetime.

Any person is born first as an infant. In which he cries and vomits in the arms of the midwife. It is a post-infancy stage in which he is a young boy who goes to school.

He expresses his desire not to go to school. And complains about this, but still goes to school slowly, like a snail with a shining face, carrying a small bag.

Then there is talk about the third stage of life. In which the situation of a young lover is told. The poet says that the lover keeps on sighing hot like a burning furnace. And he also sings painful songs praising his girlfriend’s brow.

The fourth stage of life as a soldier. He has said about this stage that a person makes strange resolutions. He has a long beard like a leopard. A person is always ready to fight on every small thing. He seeks to respect and prestige. For this, he also agrees to do anything.

In the fifth phase of life as a judge. In this role, he is a fat person who ate meat to fill his stomach. His eyes are sharp and the beard is also of the appropriate size. He is full of intelligent sayings and utterances. The latest example is memorized by him. In this way, he plays the role of a judge.

In the sixth stage of life, it is told about the old man. In this state, the person becomes thin and weak and appears rude. His skin becomes loose and his masculine voice is also thin and shrunk. The poet has indeed made a brilliant depiction of this phase.

In the seventh and final stage of life, this event brings an end to life. In this, the person becomes childlike again. In this state, he becomes a toothless, tasteless, blind, and deprived in every way.

The poet portrays these seven stages very well and keep their point.

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