What is the Difference Between “At least” and “Atleast”

The Difference Between “At least” and “Atleast” is that the words “At least” means “no less than” “at the minimum

Difference Between "At least" and "Atleast"

For example, you are asked to bring “at least two pens means you can bring more than or equal to two pens but you can not bring less than two pens.

While the word “atleast” is incorrect means the word “atleast” does not exist in the English language. People have misspelled the word “at least” to “atleaast” by joining them like people have joined the words “a lot” to “alot” and “to-morrow” to “tomorrow”

Some More Examples of “At least” NOT “Atleast”

  • “At least five more books are needed”. means more than or equal to five books are needed not less than five books
  • At least you have reached Jaipur.
  • At least you have done three questions.
  • The password should contain at least 1 special character.

What is another word for at least?

Similar words to the word at least are not less than and minimum.

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