Who is Binod? Why is Binod trending in social media?

You may have also heard of Binod. But do you know who is Binod? Why Binod is becoming so popular and trending on social media.

Who is Binod?

Binod is a boy who comments on the video on YouTube “Binod”, although the full name of this boy is Binod Tharu.

How Binod started trending everywhere on social media?

Binod started trending on social media when on YouTube channel Slayy Point “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD) “Video is published.

Who participated in the Binod trend?

Along with Mumbai police, Paytm, Swiggy, Tinder India, Amazon Prime Video, and many others participated in the Binod trend.

What happened after Binod trended on the Internet?

After Binod trended on the internet, youtuber Abhyudaya and Gautami again published another video on the channel slayy point. In which he told how things become trend on the Internet. And he even wrote up to “Founder of Binod” in the About section of his YouTube channel.

Photo of Binod

Nobody knows what Binod looks like. Everyone is desperate to see him. If you ever saw his picture, everyone would like to see it.

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