Why #StudentsDislikePMModi trending on twitter

On August 31, #StudentsDislikePMModi trending on Twitter. If you don’t know what is the reason behind this, then read this post.

#StudentsDislikePMModi trending on Twitter

StudentsDislikePMModi is trending on Twitter as Neet and Jee exams have not been postponed.

So students are angry.

What the students wrote on Twitter with #StudentsDislikePMModi.

sucheta de wrote :- They said many students have downloaded admit card for NEET-JEE. It means students want to give exam in Pandemic. Now millions are saying #StudentsDislikePMModi. It should mean that the PM should resign now.

vijay dutt wrote:- I Thinks Dr. Manmohan Singh Said Well … @narendramodi and @BJP4India Leader Should Resign their Post…. Give Their Post to Someone Better than Him Who Understand the problem of Students…… #StudentsDislikePMModi

Who is Binod? Why is Binod trending in social media?


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